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My regular accountant was unable to fit me in as I was in the hospital for most of March and needed to make a last minute appointment.  Not that I had not been using them for 16+ years.  Oh well.  I was able to make an appointment with Meseret Y Zeleke and she answered all my questions, took my information (so sorry I was disorganized) and finished my taxes within a few days and Woohoo got a refund.  I went to sign my paperwork and happily pay.  Even if I had to pay taxes I still was very happy with the service I received it was very professional and they were very courteous both times I stopped in.  I highly recommend and am bringing them a few more customers as my parents were also sick of the other cpa we had been using.  I can't recommend Meseret Zeleke enough thank you and next year I will be organized thanks for your time and work it is greatly appreciated.

Berkeley, CA

I hired Meseret for some uncommon tax questions. She was knowledgeable, intelligent, considerate, yet at a very reasonable price. I very highly recommend Meseret.

Oakland, CA

I had some complicated taxes this year and had to seek out a professional. Meseret was really friendly, professional and her prices are very reasonable.
Highly recommended.

Vallejo, CA

Meseret provided professional services at a very reasonable price. She answered my complex personal tax questions and provided free advice for filing my business property taxes. Would definitely recommend Meseret for all your tax needs.

El Sobrante, CA

I recently retired and didn't withhold enough. As a result I was facing a hugh tax bill. Meseret found savings I didn't know about and ended up saving us $1,800! She is professional and very caring and interested in her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a CPA and/or tax expert!

Pinole, CA

Meseret has been the accountant for our organization for 11 years. She is knowledgable about what she does, efficient and timely. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty. I would recommend her highly to any individual or organization for their accounting needs.

Vacaville, CA

I have been with Meseret since I wuz able to file taxes and when she was in the Richmond office. My mother has been with her for a very long time and trust her with getting everything that she needs to get back. Meseret is honest and extremely friendly and dedicated to get you every penny you deserve back, I can bet my last dollar to that. Her prices as well have been out of this world affordable. Once you come to her I doubt you will think about HR BLOCK OR THOSE OTHER GUYS AGAIN!!!! And her turn around time is remarkable. Go here for you 2011 and so on in the years taxes. YOU WONT REGRET IT.