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    With over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best
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    With over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best
    guidance we’re with you every step of the way

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Welcome to Meseret Y. Zeleke, CPA

Meseret Y. Zeleke, CPA is a professional Certified Public Accountant firm based in California. Founded by Meseret Y. Zeleke in 2005, we’ve been managing taxes, ensuring compliances, providing audit assurance and streamlining bookkeeping processes for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. As we value our clients, you'll get personalized service, speedy responses, and a reliable expert for an affordable price.

Whether you’re dealing with accounting and taxation, IRS; FTB and/or BOE and financial audit, or business formation and sales tax, Meseret Y. Zeleke, CPA is ready to serve you with a reasonable fee.

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Certified Public Accountant

We Love What We Do

We have the experience to handle all your Accounting-Audit-Tax- and Bookkeeping needs.

  • Certified Public Accountant, Home
  • Certified Public Accountant, Home

Save Time and Money

Whether you're an individual who needs help with your bookking, taxes or a business owner that wants to save money on taxes, we can help with all this and more. Learn how you can benefit from our winning combination of innovative accounting and tax strategies and reliable financial advice.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a manager at a mid-sized corporation, or a self-employed freelancer, the team at Meseret Y. Zeleke, CPA Firm is at your service. We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services designed to keep your finances in check.

Our Tax Planning & Preparation services for businesses help you gain a competitive advantage. Whether your business is small, medium or large.

No matter the size of your business, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping proper tabs on your finances while adhering to generally accepted accounting standards and laws. However, keeping up with proper accounting practices takes time and energy, and even if you’re willing to put in the effort, you may not have the background needed to ensure that your business is truly compliant. Fortunately, that’s where Meseret Y. Zeleke, CPA Firm comes in. Our team can review your books and practices to make sure you are following the law and making the most of your revenue stream.

Growing businesses often reach a point where they need professional financial advice, but can’t afford a full-time CFO or controller. If you’re fortunate enough to be in this position then we have the perfect solution for you. Our Part-Time CFO service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to success.

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Regardless of the size of your business, we are up to the task of handling a wide variety of Audit/Accounting/Tax/Bookkeeping jobs for you. Whether you need our help with Personal or Business Tax Preparation, or bookkeeping, we'll try our hardest to take care of your financial matters with dedication and integrity.
Get in contact with us today at Meseret Y. Zeleke, CPA so that our accountants can get to work on your behalf. We proudly provide year-round services to clients in San Francisco Bay Area.